Each year, the Yachting Festival offers visitors and exhibitors a choice setting: in the bay of Cannes, just a stone’s throw from the old town and next to the Palais des Festivals, the Show stretches out over two harbours, Port Canto and Vieux Port.

Vieux Port, one of the oldest harbours on the French Riviera, each year welcomes prestigious exhibits and presented by the world’s largest shipyards. The image would be incomplete without the Lérins islands facing it. The port is bordered to the west by the boarding quay for the islands and to the east by the famous Albert-Edouard jetty along the Palais des Festivals, providing more than half a kilometer of quayside to accommodate all the large yachts.

Vieux Port is also the setting of the Luxury Gallery, an area dedicated to luxury and the art of living. 

Entirely dedicated to those in the motor industry with 535 prestigious new motor boats ranging from 5 to 48 metres in-water in length, the Vieux Port presents 4 areas



The brand space is reserved for fully electric or hybrid boats with a dozen boats from 8 metres by Edorado, FinX, Pinball boat, Eco-inspiration, X-Shore...


The development of the area reserved for motorised multihulls hosts, for the moment, up to 16 units ranging from 10 to 24 metres in length.



The development of the on-land area reserved for outboard and inboard engines provides even more visibility and ease of exhibition for engine manufacturers of small and medium size units.


The creation of an area reserved for sea trials located outside the exhibition area, enables trials while limiting movements inside the port for improved safety.



From their arrival in the show, visitors discover the Luxury Gallery, a space dedicated to luxury, crafts and lifestyle. Located inside the Palais des Festivals in the Vieux Port and equipped with an elegant and refined scenography, it allows visitors to discover famous brands or more confidential actors offering exceptional products and unique know-how.


The festival centre is dedicated to big names in luxury yachts.
Inside you find shipyards, architects and designers, interior layouts, ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, tourism institutions and marinas, service companies (financing, banks, insurance…) and outside: the Tender and Toys area with the latest innovations.


In Italian dolce vita-style spirit, the Jetée accommodates the most legendary international shipyards which vie with each other in luxury and design presenting the world débuts of their latest innovations. 

The Jetée holds large units of more than 22 metres.

In the water: as the Super Yachts Extension, this area is highly sought after by the largest international shipyards, exhibiting  the best the world has to offer in yachts and super yachts.
On land: shipyards, engine manufacturers (engines, propellers, thrusters), yacht transport, etc.


A true technical achievement, the Super Yachts Extension is made up of from three floating barges positioned as an extension to the Jetée. It features around 30 of the largest motor yachts exhibited on the Vieux Port, ranging from more than 24 metres.

In the water: the most beautiful yachts and super yachts of the international market and the Tender area on the Traversante, a floating pontoon connecting both sides of the Vieux Port. This construction of pontoons has a central part that opens to let the boats out for sea trials and allow visitors to travel across all of entire Vieux Port in one go, without having to turn around.

On land: mainly shipyards, some brokers and service companies (financing, bank, insurance). 


The history of the Festival itself started on this dock. Only 30 boats were exhibited back then. It has since been joined by large prestigious international construction sites. Today, the Quai Max Laubeuf has more than 130 units, half of them in-water 

In the water: on arriving at the Traversante, the beginning of the quay presents several large yachts, from 22 to 35 metres, then accommodates the  marina of motor catamarans with impressive units measuring up to 29 metres long and 14 metres wide, and finishes its presentation with smaller boats from 10 to 15 metres long.

On land: most of the small motorboats (6-10 metres) are exhibited on land (rigid and semi-rigid), as well as an area reserved for outboard and inboard motorists for small and medium-sized units to offer more visibility and exhibition comfort. 


Quai Saint-Pierre is a narrow stone quay in front of the beautiful houses of the city of Cannes, below the famous Suquet hill. The Quai Saint-Pierre exhibits boats of 10 to 21 meters.

In the water: welcome to the realm of luxurious day-boats, fast and design-oriented new generation motorboats that are very impressive and highly popular. Other types of medium-size open and fly-bridge models can also be found on this quayside.

On land: mainly shipyards, some equipment manufacturers and financing companies.


The Pantiero holds motor units from 10 to 37 metres.

In the water: the Pantiero welcomes the smallest boats on its western section (alongside the area used by local fishermen), exhibited in water: 10 to 12 metres, followed by the 12 to 15 metre boats including in-board / out-board, open boats, sport fishing, day-boats, fly-bridge boats and fishing promenade.

Turning eastwards, the size of the boats increases and the visitor can discover the 14 to 18 metre boats, which then link up with the yachts on the Jetée.

Opposite the Pantiero, visitors can quickly reach the Quai Saint-Pierre via the large central pontoon and discover the Rib Area, which includes more than 60 semi-rigid boats from 10 metres.

On land: the shipyards are installed along the quays of the Pantiero. The equipment village and nautical accessories are in the aisle behind them. The village is renowned for the richness, diversity and international scope of its content, and is spread out along the entire length of the Pantiero on more than 4,600 m2.


New: visiting the Vieux Port?

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The Panoramic Restaurant, located on the roof of the Palais des Festivals, is a bistronomic catering area that is open to all visitors and exhibitors. It offers a unique view of the prestigious yachts being exhibited in the Vieux Port, the famous Suquet old quarter and the bay of Cannes.