Reducing printed documents

  • Making the Festival’s tickets paperless
  • Eliminating the visitors’ map which will be included in the Festival catalogue

We are keeping the catalogue/map which will be printed on Ecofolio-certified paper.

Festival caterers’ undertaking

  • Offer at least one vegetarian choice at all catering points
  • Give preference to seasonal, local and/or organic products as far as possible
  • Limit food waste
  • Reduce waste
  • Limit the use of single-use plastic utensils.

Our service providers’ undertaking

  • Optimise transports
  • Keep excess goods wrapping to a minimum
  • Develop products that are more sustainable and recyclable
  • Vieux port & Port Canto are certified “Clean harbours” and engadged "actifs en biodiversité" 

The use of recycled and/or recyclable materials

  • Press villages’ furniture in recycled and recyclable cardboard
  • Recyclable stand and aisle carpet
  • Majority of Festival signage recyclable

Waste management

  • Waste sorting emphasised during set-up, the Festival (opening to the public) and take-down with implementation of different streams according to areas and times.
  • Recycling aisle carpets : removing the carpet is a key stage, carried out by a reinforced team. For a successful recycling, you must be patient and wait for the aisle carpets to be removed before taking down your stand. In this way, we can to collect them right at the beginning of take-down, cleaned of any waste (including small pieces).
  • Waste water treatment à with the aim of 0 release into the ports.
  • Emptying your boat tanks: two companies are referenced (Ecotank and Blue Marine) to meet all the needs and to stop several boats exhibited carrying out unauthorised (and shameful) dumping in the port.
  • Reinforced checks: the port authorities will carry out increased checks of boat tanks and will check the waste and residue declarations for each boat coming into the Festival.