About Wajer 

Wajer is a family-owned business established in the Netherlands. We build powerful and luxury day-boats of up to 77ft.Our yachts are characterized by a combination of performance, comfort and contemporary design. We continuously pioneer ground-breaking innovations in pursuit of the perfect sailing experience, and our boats are completely handmade and equipped with the most advanced technology out there.

As a family-owned business, we build all of our yachts from start to finish in the Netherlands with meticulous attention to detail. After our yachts set sail, we offer a service that goes above and beyond with our Wajer Care program.  

Wajer can be found cruising the seven seas and many more lakes and canals around the world. We have service centers in the Netherlands, France, Spain and the USA. The current fleet consists of the Wajer 37, 38, 38 S, 38 L and the Wajer 55, 55 S, 55 HT and 77.