What if the vision of a floating penthouse on water were no longer just a dream ...

It is the possibility to completely reinterpret the concept of freedom. The pursuit of lightness - the ease of designing the day your way.

The Floating Penthouse boats represent revolutionary freedom and the possibility of luxurious and diverse living on the water. With its floating luxury penthouses, The Floating Penthouse fulfills the dream of unconditional mobility and creates memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

This unique mobile property offers the chance of starting the day with a breathtaking sunrise and ending it with a smooth sunset in different places. Dive into Côte d’Azur hotspots for a very special experience directly on the water. No matter whether for private users as a holiday apartment or for corporate customers as an exclusive event location.

Enjoy the generous accommodation benefits that The Floating Penthouse offers its residents on its 360° panorama sun deck and its prestigious living area. Feel pure freedom and let yourself drift away on the waves with The Floating Penthouse.

Samuel Vossbeck, CEO