Yachting Pages Media Group is a specialist in providing products and services to the superyacht industry.
Established in 2003, Yachting Pages has years of experience in connecting businesses with superyacht captains and crew worldwide. As a media group they offer a fleet of superyacht-specific products to meet the needs of yachting professionals. Their portfolio includes:

Yachting Pages Printed Directories

On board 97% of superyachts globally, Yachting Pages is available in three editions covering the Mediterranean, the Pacific and the Caribbean ocean, and is used by captains and crew daily.


Yachtingpages.com is the world’s largest superyacht search engine with 22 000+ businesses and over 1200 marinas to search.

Yachting Pages Refit

Yachting Pages Refit is an annual comprehensive guide comparing over 300 worldwide refit yards and covering associated refit services. With a new ‘Ask the Expert’ section, the guide is the only thing you need when choosing a refit yard.

Yachting Pages Delivers

Yachting Pages Delivers is a specialist hand-distribution service getting marketing material and branding directly to superyachts in France, Italy, Palma de Mallorca, Spain and Fort Lauderdale.

Yachting Pages Marketing Services

Yachting Pages can help businesses with their marketing activities, creating and distributing press releases, sponsoring their monthly newsletter, setting up their social media channels and managing their social media.