Xo boats to enter to the mediterranean

Xo boats to enter to the mediterranean

XO Boats is bringing its fleet to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean for the first time at Cannes Yachting Festival 11th to 16th September. XO Boats perform at their best when the seas get rough. The hull has been shaped to cut smoothly through the waves. This is enabled by the deepest V-hull in the market. The deep V and the long water line creates the exceptional driving experience that XO is known for. The solid and strong sensation is founded on its aluminium hull that is the toughest on the market but is topped with a glass fiber deck. “XO has been extending its fleet actively during the recent years to accommodate wider range of markets but keeping its core true to its roots. We now feel like we have a great fleet to suit the Mediterranean market and are looking forward to bringing the same excellent driving experience to Southern Europe, which our existing customers are already enjoying.” says XO Boats CEO Dan Colliander.

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