Collection. All edition has special article with History of the 7 Seas… Surcouff, Le Marquis de La Fayette, L’Hermione, …


Art. Indeed all issue have special unique made especially for Yacht Way by Jean Luc Leguay, a real enlumineur. He carries a knowledge dated from the VII century. (There are 5 people like him today in the world).


Elegant. As its manners are in a unique way, with  interviews of the passionate people that work today in the industry of Yacht under the chapter Captain's Quarter.


Interesting. As it has stories to tell on many subject, watches, jewelry, wines and spirit, cigars, perfumes, travel, cars, …


International. With many readers from many different countries…

Reliable. Been a Media Partners in many international fairs & events


Convivial. Organizing VIP events, in several part of the World.


From a unique night on a Private Mega Yacht to a unique diner with a Royce Rolls from 1936 … .