With a circulation of over 30,000 copies, Voiles & Voiliers is the sailing magazines leader in France. The studies reward Voiles & Voiliers with 90,000 “premium” readers.

The first characteristic of Voiles & Voiliers is its format (23 x 30 cm) which is the perfect size to add value to beautiful photos. The three words that best sum up Voiles & Voiliers are dream, passion and adventure. The sea exerts a power of attraction and fascination on sailing fans.

The main aim of Voiles & Voiliers is to tell the stories of adventurers, runners or solo sailors, professionals or simple amateurs. We share their dreams each month with our readers, who vibrate with the exploits of these modern-day heroes and who, deep down, hope one day to cast off and set off in their turn.

But the sea can be dangerous when it rages on. You have to know how to respect it. This is the reason why Voiles & Voiliers devotes each month technical and tutorial sections, to teach and improve your sailing techniques. You are then guaranteed to return to shore safely.

And when you have a good command of your boat, then you can set off to discover new destinations (small ports, wild coves, deserted islands…) or even better, you can rent a sailboat in the Caribbean, in Greece… or wherever in the world. In each issue, Voiles & Voiliers offers its readers advice on trips and destinations accessible to all.

Finally Voiles & Voiliers is interested in all the practitioners, from the dinghy to the big cruising sailboat, who race every Sunday or during their free time and are delighted to read the report of their achievements in the pages of the magazine.

Voiles et Voiliers is the magazine for sea lovers.

There is always more visibility online thanks to https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/

1 million views per month on the website; 76,000 followers on Facebook; 18,000 on Instagram; 15,600 on Twitter; 17,000 downloads of the app; 54,000 subscribers to the bi-weekly newsletter.

To follow all the major events, go to voilesetvoiliers.ouest-France.fr and in just one click, share your passion with all sea lovers, especially this year with the Vendée Globe race taking place.

Want to sail with us? https://abonnement.voilesetvoiliers.com/

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