Launched in 2010, VogAvecMoi.com is the leading website for composing crew among French-speaking boaters. It connects boat owners looking for crew members with a pool of 66,500 registered crew for day trips, cruises, travels, deliveries or transatlantics. Each member has a profile to introduce itself in order to achieve successful relationships.

VogAvecMoi is also a nautical event planner that brings together owners and crew and offers 3 big events each year:

• the Atlantic flotilla 

• the Mediterranean flotilla

• the Channel Flotilla


Finally, VogAvecMoi organizes sailboat cruises for its members, under the VogWeek brand, in the most beautiful sailing area in the world: Greece, Corsica, Croatia, Thailand, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Norway, Sails of Saint Tropez, Sardinia, Seychelles, Madagascar, ...