The authority in Greece for Yachting, Chartering and lifestyle.

Skipper ONDECK is a media brand focusing on Luxury & Yachting Lifestyle designed by a group of professionals with long experience in this field.

ONDECK offers a set of communication tools including a luxury print issue, a digital version, a strong social media community and the most popular web portal in Greece.

ONDECK is currently the leading yachting brand in Greece and among the most prestigious in Europe. The content covers news from the yachting industry worldwide, with emphasis on sailing and motor boats longer than 9 meters.

The yachts featured in each issue are accompanied by technical articles, travel stories, marketing reports and financial analyses by our contributing editors. While thumping or browsing through ONDECK, you will find the “Sky Lounge”, an exclusive lifestyle section. 

ONDECK is published in English four times per year and is available all over Greece at selected Press Points, Yachts Clubs and premium Marinas. The digital version can be purchased online and is forwarded to subscribers worldwide.

Additionally, the Summer Special Edition is available as complimentary copy on premium Charter Yachts throughout the season, targeting high profile travelers in the Greek islands.