The Main the target of our "Ozerokomo" magazine is the Russian community with 10000,00 people between Milan and Como, including nearby Lugano and also Brianza and Verona.

Exists as well a Russian RussiAComo Club that organizes cultural activities and promotes our magazine, while the it's also being a media partner of the Russian Chamber of Commerce, Russian Consulate, and other important entities.
Here are some facts about our magazine that was born as a support to all Russians, who live permanently or have holiday homes in Northern Italy, but still are very interested in Russia and many other former USSR Countries.

"Ozerokomo" is a quarterly magazine that promotes and recounts the excellence of the territory to a large local community and Russia through a Moscow partner and is also distributed in St. Petersburg, Perm', Penza, Rostov on Don and Kazan.
We can say that about 30,000 high-ranking jewelers read our magazine every quarter.

"Ozerokomo" is becoming more and more an effective tool for the visibility and promotion of brands of com-panies that faces Russian market: it has a remarkable track just because it tells you with an unprecedented cut and promotes the beauty and excellence of an Italian culture.

The contents of the magazine are of high cultural profile, ranging from Fashion and Design to Tourism and Art. Among the authors of our articles are illustrating writers are such a names as Nicolai Lilin, Evgheny Utkin, Michail Talalai. The press is particularly cured.