Le marin watches over the maritime information...

Within the Sipa-Ouest France group, Le marin, leader of the French maritime press, has been covering maritime information since 1946.

Nautical industries, marine renewable energies, shipyards, ports, fishing, coastline, environment... Le marin echoes the different parts of the maritime economy.

Every year, Le marin publishes a range of special series specialized in shipyards, innovations and new equipment, military ships, the maritime economy... As well as a dozen monthly thematic files (yachts, boating, commercial ports, fishing, oil & gas, marine energy ...), to which are added various topics on maritime news.

And because information circulates faster and faster and news is experienced on a daily basis, Le marin is also a complete website with a daily newsletter as well as interviews, decryptions, focus and large formats to help readers better understand the essential issues of today's maritime world.

Le marin has recently launched new attractive subscription formulas to inform all the actors of maritime life on a daily basis and at the right price. Choose the one that suits you on www.lemarin.fr