Bloc Marine has been the essential companion of pleasure boaters for more than 50 years!

A true pleasure boating bible, it provides accurate information on port areas, safety at sea and regulations, and includes port plans in WGS84. An essential tool for preparing your cruises and ports of call, Bloc Marine above all means having on board and up to date all the regulatory documents required for your safety.

As every year, the Bloc Marine teams have updated all their publications, from regulations to practical information on ports, so that you can plan your stopovers with total peace of mind.

Bloc Marine is available in Atlantic and Mediterranean version, Spain & Portugal and the Lesser Antilles, and also publishes a Logbook / Guest Book.

Bloc Marine also offers a digital version of its contents in its Guides Escales (stopover guides) app. A true Swiss army knife of information for seafarers, it gives access to Bloc Marine information as part of a subscription service, and also offers many free services such as travel journals and navigation and routing tools for preparing your trips out to sea.

The Guides Escales app from Bloc Marine is available on Android and iOS.