Silent-Yachts is a contact, know-how supplier and manufacturer in the area of renewable energies with a special focus on boats and alternative drive forms for the internal combustion engine. The proof of concept was the Solarwave 46 in 2010 - a completely self-sufficient solar catamaran, which has already traveled more than 12.000 nautical miles on a highly successful trip through 12 countries over the past 5 years. The Silent-Solarwave 64 started in Cartagena (Spain) and continued with stops on Gran Canaria (Canary Island) and Cape Verde across in 16 days the Atlantic to Barbados. Further versions (Silent „Cruiser“, „Sailor“ and "Power") and sizes (55', 75/79') for the yacht area as well as in other areas (tender, passenger and feeder boats, ferries, special excursion boats - diving reefs etc.) and for spec. sensitive areas (nature reserves, etc.). At the Yachting Festival in Cannes 2018 Silent-Yachts will present a new world premiere…the Silent 55 „Cruiser“.

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